Hugh Jackman Will Sing And Dance Again!

August 4, 2009 / Posted by:

If Hugh Jackmeoff doesn’t flutter about like a precious butterfly princess for a long period of time, his glitter ring will lose its shine and fall off. Nobody wants that, so it’s a good thing he has signed on to star in The Greatest Showman on Earth (Working title: Circus of the Glittery Gayz) a movie musical about the life of P.T. Barnum.

Mika is currently in talks to write some pop songs for the movie. And the screenwriter is writing the female lead with Anne Hathaway in mind.

While my fabulous gay gene is twitching at the thought of Hugh doing pirouettes while singing about elephants in feathered headdresses, I feel like the writer needs to tweak things a bit if they want to sell more tickets. First of all, P.T. Barnum should be deathly allergic to shirts. Like if he puts some sort of material over his chest, he will overheat and DIE. Also, P.T. should suffer from a serious case of crotch Tourettes. Throughout the movie, he should randomly thrust his peen and wiggle his man beans. And one last thing, the female lead (who is also allergic to shirts) should be played by Alex Skarsgard in a wig.

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