The “Trolling Cowardly Pigs” Ruined Twitter For Trent Reznor

July 31, 2009 / Posted by:

Trent Reznor says he was forced to cancel his life on MySpace and Twitter, because a bunch of hating haters dropped hate bombs about his fiancee Bai Ling Mariqueen Maandig. Instead of doing like I do and writing them a simple response like “SHUT YOUR CUNT WHORE MOUTHS,” Trent has put his Twittering days behind him.

Trent cry cry cried, “Yes, I deleted my account and I’ll explain why since somehow someone apparently thinks this is newsworthy. Twitter seemed like an interesting way to quickly reach a large number of people, and people that seem to exist outside of the world of fans. Then… around the time news broke of my engagement, a faction of troublemakers showed up whose sole intent was to disrupt, harass, insult and incite…In a reasonably moderated community, these people can be made to vanish – on Twitter, it’s a free-for-all – hence they flock there. It depresses me to think my art and life’s work can attract this kind of scum…if that was your intention you trolling, cowardly pigs – you’ve succeeded.

He’s so sessy when he’s whining for a Waaaaaaaahmbulance.

Oh, Trent, cry me a river, take off all your panties and let’s go skinny dipping!



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