Mah Boo Is Such A Prude!

July 31, 2009 / Posted by:

The Silver Fox filled in for Reeeeeeeg on Regis & Kelly yesterday morning and got to interview that limp asparagus tip and her fuck body of the moment from The Bachelorette. On Mah Boo 360 last night, Coopy talked about how he asked the only question any of us care about: How many dudes did she get her sex on with? The limp asparagus tip said she kissed 10, but only 4 with tongue. Ehehehehehe. This made Mah Boo almost vom in his purdy mouth. Adorable!

But don’t slap me with a flaccid peen like that, Andy! You know very well that on any given week, you kiss on at least 10 lips WITH tongue! And that doesn’t include the lips on faces either. OW! But really, my nipples go weak whenever Mah Boo plays hard to git!



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