Eminem Is Angry

July 31, 2009 / Posted by:

You know that rainbow butterfly sugarshake called “Obsessed” that Mimi put out (it’s okay if you already forgot about it)? The story goes that the song is about Eminem, but Mimi shook her head “no” when asked about it (SPOILER ALERT: She was lying). Well, Eminem is not just going to sit around eating ham and donut sandwiches and let her do him like. No, Eminem squeezed his ass cheeks together and put out a response that is giving me the hard shits.

Eminem is serious! Dude even chirps that he has some pictures which proves they bumped tittays in the dead of night. Release that shit to the masses! But make sure you pass them through Mimi’s personal Photoshop team first.

You know, this shit sounds like every voicemail I left for my ex-boyfriends after they dumped my ass! I’m pretty sure I’ve used the line “Like I’m gonna sit and fight with you over some slut bitch cunt” at least a dozen times.”

And I hope that when Mimi finally gets off from the floor after blacking out from listening to this, she gits him back! The other kids in the playground are waiting!

VIA RapRadar


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