HoHan Wasn’t Happy About This

July 21, 2009 / Posted by:

On Monday morning, the sidewalk outside of SamRo’s house was covered with tan grease-stained leggings, because those two had another fight which ended in HoHan’s shit getting chucked out of a window. The sidewalk was also covered with alley cats carrying forks, because when SamRo threw HoHan’s panties out, they thought the buffet was open for business.

The fight all started after SamRo came home from a night out with Drea De Matteo (who kind of looks like something that came out of White Oprah’s snatch). The Daily Mail says that HoHan showed up at SamRo’s front door, demanded to be let in and the two had another lezzie brawl of words. HoHan called her partner in pussy a “liar,” which was SamRo’s cue to throw all her crap out the window. HoHan had to run out and collect all her clothes before taking off.

Throwing clothes onto the street? Really, Samro? I thought her ass was smarter than that. That’s not how you hurt or punish HoHan! SamRo should’ve just sat HoHan down and made her watch all of Labor Pains without commercials. Now that’s real torture.


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