Pass Me A Barf Bag

July 19, 2009 / Posted by:

And here comes the part where Jon Gosselin thinks that just because he’s living in NYC without his child army, he’s now going to be some kind of playboy about town. Hear ye! Hear ye! Women of NYC, do not feed the douche! I mean that in several ways. Seriously, if you put anymore food or vaginas into Jon’s mouth, his head, ego and body will blow up! Jon will become the Stay Puft Marshdouche and trample over all of us.

Last night, Jon went to dinner with someone who wasn’t meth brows. Maybe Hailey asked for the night off, so she could finally sort out her CODE BLUE eyebrow situation?

Earlier in the day, Jon and Kate were forced to be together for a TLC photo shoot in Manhattan. It’s amazing how calm the possum on Kate’s head looks after being tranquilized, washed, brushed and fed. It looks so peaceful.

UPDATE: Jon’s mystery date is apparently a reporter at Star Magazine. That’s what Radar says anyway. Jon is going to have to send UsWeekly a bouquet of roses and a box of truffles, because they are going to be jeeeaaaaalooooous.


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