A Vortex Of Dirty Douchewater

July 13, 2009 / Posted by:

These are the pictures the bitches at Summer’s Eve don’t want you to see! Do you suddenly feel like your vagina is so squeaky clean that you could serve a five-course meal off of it?! Well, let the family know that Thanksgiving dinner is on your labia lips this year, because one quick look at Jon Gosselin and Christian Audigier in St. Tropez will leave your cooze fresher than a baby angel’s fart. And if you stare long enough, your ovaries will turn inside out and refuse to serve, so this shit is like birth control too! Two birds!

Jon Gosselin is still in St. Tropez with his 22-year-old whore where he’s apparently talking to Christian about working for Ed Hardy. Jon and Christian are just two dingles in an asshole! I mean, they are so close that Christian even commissioned a wax statute of his new best friend Jon (see the first thumbnail). Or maybe that’s an artistic interpretation of their new friendship. PEENANA!

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