Jude Law’s New Friend

July 10, 2009 / Posted by:

The other night, Jude Law greeted the fans outside of the theater where he’s playing Hamlet by bringing his nipples out to say hello. Last night, this stalky-eyed ho wanted an encore performance! Her eyes definitely say “Show Me Da Nipplez.” Jude Law was not about to quench her thirst and made sure to not make eye contact. When you make eye contact with a crazy, that’s the only sign they need to dry hump your nalgas, burn up your cell phone at all hours and crawl into your bedroom window to watch you sleep. Well played, Jude.

RPattz isn’t the only English dude who can bring the horny lunatics to the yard. Jude and RPattz are almost the same! Well, except Jude’s magical forest hair doesn’t have any unicorns frolicking in it, it isn’t made of magic and someone’s been chopping through his forest at a record pace. Call Save The Rainforest!



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