Yes, Please

July 7, 2009 / Posted by:

If I was Halle Berry, my wet parts would be stuck to Gabriel Aubry all day and all night. My b-hole would turn into a suction cup and it would not let go. I’d eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on his peen. And I’d take naps on his nalgas. Gabriel would also have to learn how to walk around with my crotch in his face and my legs on his shoulders. He can do it!

Hos would try to taser my ass to get me off, but I wouldn’t move. They’d try to blast me with a flame thrower and I’d blow that shit out. You know that part in Titanic where Rose says to Jack, “I’ll never let go“? It would be like that, except my ass would NEVER LET GO! Realness.

Here’s my future conjoined twin, Halle Berry and Nahla at the pool in Miami today.


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