The Photoshop Awards: Brit Brit’s Candie’s Ads

July 6, 2009 / Posted by:

If my little 6-year-old cousin handed me these pictures and said, “Look what I colored! And I stayed in the lines,” I would totally believe her. I would also pat her on the head, give her a losing scratcher ticket (they don’t know the difference) for a job well done and then immediately marinate my hand in a bowl of Purell. Kids have cooties. I would never guess that these are actual pictures taken with an actual camera. Photoshop fuckery to the extreme.

This is one of those “fuckit” jobs too. The hos at Candie’s handed these pictures over to the Pshop artistes at 4:45pm on a Friday. They just slapped this shit together so they could hurry up and get to happy hour. Fuck, they probably did this job at happy hour. I mean, look at that white fence. Fences aren’t supposed to look like that in real real. Although, the fence still looks better than Brit Brit’s Kim Zolciak-approved wig. There’s a tightrope…

And what is with Brit Brit’s horse obsession? This is some Equus shit! Cheeto-uus!


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