Kate Hudson Is Not Listening To Her Mother

July 6, 2009 / Posted by:

Apparently, Goldie Hawn thinks that her daughter Kate Hudson needs to stop bouncing on A-Rod’s veiny roid stick. Goldie also thinks that Kate needs to stick some Fen Phen pills up her cooze, so it won’t be as hongray for dick! Kate is not listening to her mother. She is obviously still busting vagina bombs all over A-Roid’s dude tittays.

At a Yankees game on Friday night, Kate was front row cheering on A-Roid as he hit his 564th home run.

I’m actually a little surprised that these two twats are still together. Maybe it really true true love? Hah. And HAH. I’m also a little surprised that I’ve never really noticed that Kate looks like the bastard love child of Brit Brit and Dopey.



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