Presenting Marion Loretta Elwell And Tabitha Hodge (THOSE NAMES!!!)

June 30, 2009 / Posted by:

SJP and her pocket gay have released a picture of their adorable week-old twin pink Band-Aids! Why are SJP, Matthew and James Wilke all staring at the one of the left? Does she have a snot bubble in her nose or something? Do people always stare at babies like that? No wonder they always have their eyes closed, because hos are always in their damn business.

And if Matthew continues to hold his new daughter like that, she’s going to be a skilled yoga babeh by the time she’s 1. Homegirl is almost touching her toes with the top of her head. What is that pose called?

That’s why I don’t like holding BABIES!!! Holding babies is hard.


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