No Masks!

June 4, 2009 / Posted by:

Jacko and two of his children, Paris Michael and Prince Michael I, walked into a recording studio in Los Angeles (this sounds like the start of a joke) yesterday without their masks on (PUNCHLINE)! Before you ask yourself “Why is this happening? What does this mean? Is this real life?“, I should tell you that it was all just an accident. They came out of the studio a couple of hours later with their masks securely on their faces. The masquerade party can go on! Unfortunately, my favorite Jacko child, Blanket, was not around. And he’s only my favorite, because his name is Blanket. Blanket should consider changing his nickname to Snuggie since blankets are so out!

Did I toke too much this morning or does Prince Michael I have Jacko’s original face? Sort of? Kind of? Maybe? It must be a Twilight Zone moment for Jacko every time he looks at his son and sees his first face. Scratch that. Jacko’s whole life is a Twilight Zone moment.



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