The Future Of Eyebrows?

June 1, 2009 / Posted by:

Ever wanted to look like you have two half-dead tapeworms hanging out over your eyes, but are too afraid that they might eat your skin off or something? Well, here’s your answer: weave brows! It’s the new sensation sweeping the nation (not really)! I am a strong supporter of the eyebrow arts, so I am behind this! If you want puffy paint brows, go ahead, Haiti!

You can even achieve this “celebrity status” look using items around the house. Just glue some old pipe cleaners or carpet strips over your brows and there you go! You will be ready to take on the world! And just remember that when haters laugh and throw leaves at your worm brows it’s just because they are JEALOUS! Excuse your beauty!

Thanks DJ & Milee



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