Open Post: Hosted By Marilyn Manson

May 29, 2009 / Posted by:

No, this isn’t a pregnant Paul Pfeiffer from The Wonder Years leaving a Halloween party dressed as Emperor Palpatine. It’s your favorite boy-next-door Marilyn Manson with the most unfortunate shade of lipstick on. I didn’t know Bonnie Bell lipstick came in “Sloppy Joe Puke.” It does nothing for Marilyn’s cornstarch complexion.

Here’s Marilyn stumbling around London yesterday with Evan Rachel Wood. At least the paps claim that’s Evan Rachel Wood. She looks more like guvmunt cheeze version of Evan Rachel Wood to me. Maybe Marilyn got bored of cloning Dita Von Teese, so now he’s in the business of making ERW copies.



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