Oops! She Did “It” Again!

May 28, 2009 / Posted by:

Remember those paparazzi pictures from a while ago of Brit Brit with blended pussay raspberries all over her panties? If not, Google it, you dumb fuck, because I will not directly contribute to that fuckery before noon. Well, Tia Flujo Gorda visited Brit Brit yet again without RSVPing first.

A NOT-RIGHT source tells Page Six that Our Lady of Cheetos recently shot a spread for Elle Magazine and the lil’ possum tart didn’t come prepared. The source said, “They dressed her in all these beautiful couture clothes — and, well, let’s just say she forgot what time of the month it was. It wasn’t pretty.

Okay, I’m sure it wasn’t that big of a deal. Sadly, most of us have seen it in pictures and some of you have even smelled it (WHY DID I TYPE THAT?). I’m sure it’s like Manwich anyway. They should’ve just poured it on a toasted bun, torched the dress and then moved on. NEXT!



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