Big Bitch On A Bike

May 23, 2009 / Posted by:

The Gosselins got a little visit from the dudes of TLC’s American Chopper yesterday and they brought the Grande Cunt a special present: a pink scooter. Methinks they gave her a pink one hoping it would make her possum head look less butch-alicious. It didn’t work. But it was nice of them to splatter read paint over it like that. It makes Kate think about one of her most cherished moments: the time she ripped Jon’s nutsacks out by the root. Kate’s bike is an homage to that beautiful moment!

Jon also got to ride with the big boys, but he didn’t look very happy in the face! I’m thinking that he was planning to fake his death, but with the paparazzi on his his ass, he had to cancel that. Or maybe he was grouchy, because Kate refused to ride on the back of his bike and he was planning to crash it into a tree if she was on it. Instead, Kate decided to rub her 8-yard crotch all over Paul Sr.

Jon NEVAH wins!

Here’s more of Dykey ‘Do and Jon riding around on bikes yesterday.



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