Does This Mean Her Buh-Bees Are Going To Grow?

May 21, 2009 / Posted by:

I scheeve! I scheeve! Teresa from The Real Mob Wives Of New Jersey is knocked up with her fourth child! That’s what a rep from Bravo tells People. Apparently, Teresa is almost 6 months pregnant with her fourth child. She has three daughters with her “juicy and delicious” husband who may or may not be involved in some kind of organized crime. I don’t want to make any assumptions (he totally is), because I like having all my fingers. Having all my fingers is very useful to my life.

Teresa isn’t the only NJ housewife who is expecting a baby friend to dress up and take pictures of. SPOILER ALERT! Jacqueline is also having a baby sometime this summer.

You know, I think Teresa might be my favorite, but I’m not sure yet. I think her hairline is throwing me off. I can’t fully commit to a woman with a hairline like that. I just want to sneak behind her and pull her hair back! That hairline is a greedy ho, because it’s taking up space on her forehead and you know it’s not paying extra rent! Frankly, a hairline that low makes Teresa look a little woofy. But enough of that!

Congratulations to Buh-Bees and I hope her new baby doesn’t inherit her hairline. Although, I hope the baby inherits its father’s luscious stomach dome (Exhibit A).



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