FINALLY: Dolph Lundgren’s Peen!

May 12, 2009 / Posted by:

There’s been a lot of tittay and pussay on this site lately, so now I finally, finally, FINALLY have some dick for you courtesy of Dolph Lundgren! Don’t act like you haven’t been praying for this moment ever since laying eyes on his Swedish ass in the He-Man movie.

Tabloid Prodigy got a pic of Dolph with his little Orko out on the Mexican Rivera. Obviously, his little peen friend wasn’t ready for its close-up. It’s shy! That being said, I’d still dip that shit in lingonberry jam and hit it. Enough of this teasing, the peen is after the jump. But let me warn you that you might get a craving for a mini-pig-in-a-blanket with extra cheese, so be aware of that. JUMP!!!


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