Bitch, Where Are Your Eyebrows?

May 11, 2009 / Posted by:

Boy George must have had a glittery gay ole’ fucking time in the chokey, because he busted out today with no damn eyebrows on his face! Get thee some brows, STAT! Give this ho a Sharpie! And if that’s not possible, give his ass some black eyeliner and a lighter (a cholita back-up). The butt sex must have been hot shit, because it fried his brows right off. And the visual just singed my own brows.

The Daily Mail says Boy George was released from prison today after only serving 4-months of his 15-month sentence for chaining a trick to his radiator. Boy left the joint looking slimmer and healthier. Boy is built to wreak more havoc upon the world! Naw. Bitch better come down and focus on getting those eyebrows back. Boy should also stay away from radiators, chains, the internets and male Norwegian ass peddlers.


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