Orphans Of Malawi, RUN!!!!!!!

March 26, 2009 / Posted by:

Vadge will pull the broomstick out of her ass, hop on it and fly all the way to Malawi this weekend to get herself another one of those baby things. You know, so she can have a matching set.

An official bitch in the welfare department of Malawi confirmed that Vadge has submitted her big bag of money, I mean, her application to adopt another kid. Vadge’s case could be heard as soon as this Monday.

The story going around the internet is that Vadge sent one of her slaves to Malawi to look at the goods and pick out the shiniest one before her arrival.

Oh, Vadge! Her days are already filled important shit like bathing her face in ice cold blended placentas and bench pressing Baby Jesus with her roid-lips, so how on earth is she going to find the time to raise another child? Oh yea, she’s going to use a little thing called an army of tortured nannies!

VIA The Sun


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