Two Gobs Of Goop

March 18, 2009 / Posted by:

This is Vadge and Fishy at a Valentino party at the Oak Room in NYC last night. The Oak Room was temporarily renamed Lucifer’s Tomb when these two assholes were there.

What in macrobiotic hell do these two smug cunts talk about? A better question would be, how did that room survive their ridiculousness? The insane amounts of pretentiousness blowing through that room is enough to strip the finish off all that wood. The wine in that glass probably quickly tried to evaporate itself, so it wouldn’t have to listen to these two British rejects blather on about their perfect bowel movements, taut vaginas, GOOP and Kabbalalahahhaha. Even the terra cotta on Valentino’s skin is about to crack off all over Anne Hathaway.

And I really think that Vadge is eating fetuses, because her skin is looking so toddler-like. That some Dumplings shit right there.


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