They Are Really Doing This

March 10, 2009 / Posted by:

And here they are. It’s Kristen Johnston and Kathryn Hahn as Patsy and Edina on the set of the American slaughter of the British treasure Absolute Fabulous. No, it wasn’t a vodka-induced nightmare. Is this real life? Yes it is.

Kristen and Kathryn can dump their costumes and scripts into that trash can and run for it. There’s still time! There’s still time to save the world. You know, I shouldn’t fucking judge something that hasn’t even aired yet, but look at them. At them, look. They look like two PTA moms who are trying to dress as Patsy and Edina for Slutoween. You can’t try, you just have to be.

But I’m hoping these hos will prove me wrong. And expect to see HoHan in the exact same outfit Kristen is wearing. I think the costumers went through her dirty laundry.


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