The Cheetoling Has Landed

February 28, 2009 / Posted by:

After a flight from Los Angeles to Mississippi, Brit Brit stepped out of her luxurious flying trailer and took a breath of fresh air. And by “fresh air,” I mean Winston smoke. Our Lady of Cheetos had to gargle with a little nicotine in order to get her possum yodel ready for the big hillbilly show on Tuesday!

Brit Brit’s back in Kentwood to prepare for the opening of her “I Ain’t Got The Crazies No Mo’” tour in New Orleans. Brit Brit along with her little Cheetolets and Master Spears arrived at the airport yesterday.

You know, it’s still a little odd seeing Brit Brit looking like she bathes, shampoos and wipes her chitterling area regularly. I mean, where did all her weave fleas go? They are wandering the streets looking for another gutter weave to live in.

And I am the only one that gets a craving for cheese grits every time I see Master Spears? I bet he’s always got a crotch full of cheese grits. I can’t….



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