Moth Ball Nippies

February 17, 2009 / Posted by:

This is why Solange never gets to leave the basement! When she does she shames the good family name with shit like this! I blurred it out in the header pic above for those of you that work for nipple-haters, but Basement Baby spilled a sandcastle nip at Toni Maticevski’s fashion show in NYC yesterday. I mean, Solange finally won a “Get out of the basement” card during a game of “Beyonce, May I?” and this is what she does?! I know they at least have duct tape or Elmer’s glue in the basement. She could’ve fixed that shit before crawling out the window.

Don’t blame her nip, though. It never gets oxygen down in her dungeon, so it was just trying to breathe in some fresh air while it can.

And the second thumbnail below has changed my life today. Pat Field’s gorgeous eyebrows, basement nip and a ginge?! Perfection.



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