Carrie Underwood Goes Down

February 17, 2009 / Posted by:

Carrie Underwears became Carrie Undertable or Underchairs or whatever she hell she hid under to keep herself off the cameras during a game last night. Underwears is apparently licking on Ottawa Senators player Mike Fisher. He plays hockey, which is my favorite sport because if you switch the o for an i, you get hickey! Or if you switch the ho for di, you get dickey! You get the point.

Anyway, Underwears saw that she was on TV, so bitch got shy and hit her knees like she had a 9″ dick covered in Mother’s Circus Cookie crumbs in front of her! That’s my gut reaction whenever Mah Boo Anderson Cooper pops on the screen. Then I realize he’s not really in the room and I just lay on the ground and weep.



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