Chelsy Davy Is A Dumb Bitch

January 24, 2009 / Posted by:

Someone close to Chelsy Davy should take her in to get a brain scan immediately, because something is not right up in there. She has quit Prince Hot Ginge. Beat me in the face with a boiled horse dick, because I am at a loss. The News of the World says Chelsy just could no longer “put up with his lifestyle” after 5 years together. This weak ass bitch. I could put up with a dozen Black Mambas biting at my ass if it meant I got to lick on Prince Hot Ginge’s royal scepter and jewels. Homegirl really ain’t right in the brain area.

A source said that Chelsy broke that shit off last week, “The couple had a lot of fun but the relationship has run its course. They are still on speaking terms but the relationship has ended.”

Okay, I know that every time Hot Ginge opens his mouth, douchewater-covered shit nuggets come pouring out, but Chelsy just had to shut him up with her vagina. That’s what I would do. Whenever he started to speak, I’d just shove my glazed donut hole in his mouth.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go submit my application video (shot in the bath tub, of course) for a spot in the British Army so I can get close to Hot Ginge. It’s my duty as an American who loves ginger Brits. He needs comforting in his time of hurt and sorrow. And by “he” I mean his carrot peen.


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