Open Post: Hosted By Gayken And His Piece

January 23, 2009 / Posted by:

Look! Miss Bliss gained some chunk, got a dyke haircut and fell in love with Screech! I knew those two had love in their eyes for each other. I’m not going to lie. I thought it that was Dustin Diamond (with Jakey Poo’s droopy eyes) for a quick second. And then I felt faint picturing Gayken getting a Dirty Sanchez from Screech. Some shit (literally) you just don’t want to imagine. Anycaca, Gayken and his Screech-looking man are here to host this open post for you. Whatever you do, don’t lick his finger. Leave that to the Claymates.

But I will lick his finger as punishment for forgetting Dlisted’s birthday today. I am the worst mother ever. The Shiba Inu 6 can drag my “Mother of the Year” plaque away, because I am just fucking terrible. One of my friends is the one to tell me today is Dlisted’s 4th birthday. Yes, the mess started 4 years ago. Oh how times flies when you’re being cunty.

Let’s all raise a glass of Andre and wish Dlisted a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for bringing all us cold-hearted whores with no morals together!



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