Kim Zolciak Is A Brave Bitch

January 19, 2009 / Posted by:

Kim from The Real Hos of Atlanta is at Sundance because Park City probably has a really bad problem with rabid Mormon coyotes attacking tourists. They figured that if they invited Kim’s mangy ass, rabies-ridden wig, the coyotes would stop biting the tourists because they’d be too busy trying to get one of their babies back from Kim’s head. Kim had to have known that there was going to be some wild animals around that would try to rescue one of their own. But she probably figured that her mutant tarantula eyelashes would scare them off.

And not only does she have to worry about wild animals attacking her face, she also needs to fend off the groups of children that try to rip her head off because they are mistaking it for a Barbie Styling Head. Although, a Barbie Styling Head has a little more life in the eyes.


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