Open Post: Hosted By The Weatherpussy

January 10, 2009 / Posted by:

It’s booze and rant time. I meant to do an open post earlier, but I got caught up in cleaning my nasty ass oven. That led to me organizing the spices in my damn cabinet. And then I cleaned out my fridge. Being a grown-up is so gross. You know you’re an adult when you care about your cupboards and shit.

Anyway, here’s the open post brought to you by this accidental weatherpussy. In Germany, a cat found its way into a TV studio while a weatherdude was doing his thing. The dude picked up the pussy and continued on with his shit. A dynamic duo has been born! I’m pretty sure this how Regis & Kathie Lee met. Kathie drunkenly wandered into some random studio.

Seriously though, this weatherpussy is just trying to become the next Spaghetti Cat!

So talk about the weatherpussy or whatever the hell else you want. The topic is ooooopen.



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