January 8, 2009 / Posted by:

Jay Mohr changed his name to Jay Cox Mohr (or Mohr Cox as I like to call him) to show his love for his wife Nikki. But what he really should have done to show his affection for her is take away the Wesson oil or whatever else she’s fucking injecting into her poor lips.

That shit is making my own lips want to run to the nearest law office to get some kind of contract together for me to agree never to torture them this way. It’s not normal that when you talk, your lips start making whistle noises. I bet you Mohr Cox is making her partake in this fuckery, because the greedy fucktard wants her to have two sets of cooch lips. Please, Nikki! My lips are begging you to quit it. Go get your lips lipoed before they get bigger, cover up your nostrils and prevent you from breathing through your nose. It’s not too late.



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