My One Working Brain Cell Is About To Explode

January 2, 2009 / Posted by:

I just did something very dangerous. Even the government warns against doing this. I just tried to read one of Courtney Love’s blogs in a completely sober state. I feel like I need cuddle from a Pound Puppy to comfort me after attempting to read the whole thing. It’s like trying to read spam. It makes no sense and you feel like you’re committing some sort of crime by reading it.

There really needs to be a game show that challenges contestants to decipher Courtney Love’s crack rants. It can be hosted by Joaquin Phoenix, because Courtney Love is speaking his thoughts.

You know, I’m trying to summarize this shit, but I don’t think it’s even possible! Especially since it’s not even 7:30am in California. My one brain cell has called mercy.

I see the words “Kelly Ripa” along with a bunch of numbers and this sentence: “NOW FOR THE RECORD I HAVENT TAKEN A NARCOTIC OR HAD ANY ALCHOHOL FOR NPW OVER FIVE YEARS.” If that shit is true, then it’s probably a good time to go back to the crack.

Let’s see if you can do any better. Court’s entire post is after the jump. You might want to down a shot of something strong, like battery acid, before you start reading it. JUMP TO YOUR BRAIN’S DEATH!!!!

peta etc whose that girl with the big boobies?/RICO statutes

is that “kim kardashian” what does she do? does she have a boutique in Callabassas? thats a pretty ill considered move fiscally isnt it? one of my best friends the toughest mos long standing boutique owner in la, doesnt even own property, its gotta suck, this chick whose calling me a LIAR about her brother in front of over 10 witnesses committing a serious HATE CRIME>< per Rob Jrs latent homosexuality its recieved psychiatric wisdom that anyone that homophobic AND Mysoginitsic, ( He roundhoused him after he told him0 my employee= that he worked for ME) is on some level a repressed homosexual, so in terms of lawyers yes i have contacted a few m fron Civil Rights to Lititgation, id rather go deal with the mortgage fraud sitiuation wich has now grown to over 800,000,000 netted by the Estate Of Kurt Cobain and embezzled by a cospiracy of cpas , lawyer slash bankers and a few corrupt loan officers, look at Dovetail enterprises and all the dirty old south developement or David Sitt the Hasidic developer in Brooklyn in New York, look at 1446 boradway purchased with a 2 million washington mutial loan but a 300,000,000 dollar building and whose assets were bet in this wamu loan to my "ex gollum slimebaglizard " live in schizophrenic anti social sociopath? and Melissa Bricklin Mccourt his coked out mistress toosexy a word for such gruesome ugly people, they lay my daighters Irrevicable Trust of Frances Cobain and the Estate of Kurt Cobain FEINS tax id numbers plus all the filthy money into developements as assetts into the prucase of this 257.00 sqaure foot times square monstrosity, so " keeping up with the guy who defended and fleeeced OJ simpson too s sad assed family is really hardly worth discussing its strikes me as the LAPDS problem, and my mortgage fraud strikes me as not only New York NJ GA TX and PA and CT problems, its very very much a California problem, weve got 27 legitimate Cobains in the USA and no "Kobanes"Kobains" o otherwise, yet i have over 9800 deeds , and theyre all the tip of the iceberg because my mac is so hacked when i get a piece of data it changes so now curtiss leeorthmann is KELLY RIPA Kelly r IPA IPA KELLY CONSUELAS IPPA Ripa Kelly w kelly-rippa to a computer like at experian that "-" is a z or an r, its a etter, so Curtiss is Kelly Ipa Ripa i didnt take her for a soho gal 16 spring? 76 crosby? endless arkansas properties? ho about mega proucer David Foster, David P Foster, David-Peter-Foster, Foster David D, etc, hsi akas go on for 102 pages it all fictiousness people on there but for the Fosters and Mark Consuealas and Kelly IPA< mine under courtney lovecobain no space is 98 pages and i get stuck being of all people axl rose, yep B A Bailey B baily ab bailey wa rose a rose all with 100s of iff addresses i get stuck being Pamela lee ANDERS , myneighbou and dear friend Pamela and Davids daughetr sara is also a good friend, since Knispel and Chapman is using their ssns and their ex spouses oh and Curtis leeorthmann is also Micheal Fleetwood and his ex, ythe rest like"Brian D amour:" are just nonsense , would you like me to scan it,? i think i can figure out how to do it now i have a scanner, they change information once i dissemnitae it, im actially wuite furious that my ag is governor gerry Brown and my senator BOxer and my Congressman Waxmen and ive ardently supposrted all of them and since the 4 trillio yep FOUR TRILLION in mortgage fruad annually in the usa 65% of it begings in the San fernando Valley depsite ending up in Houston or Metarie or Verdi Nev or 1200 pinbe island road plantation florida wich takes us to lesters llc in houston po box, and that takes us to a 96,000,000 apn in nyc again, why doesnt Merron l Kobane born 1900 get it? hes got ove 30 "properties: we all pay taxes on in california, and yet he doesnt exist or DAVE HEITMAN using KLurts ssn who has million dollar plus properties in CA and MAss, it is wierd to be called back by the AG of every NE state i call and and Southern one too and have to go there dragging my suitacse of papers as the information changes on the search sites not on merlin but on like people finders, Dawn Bell Kobane is now DAWN CICCONE KOBANE ha ha ha ha HA i guess we all get THAT joke but tell me, how does DAWN CICCONE KOBANE live at 482 COBAIN rod Jackson NJ wo whata bold devolepent move, is there such a place i looke donmy google maps and it didnt come up "49 avenue Cherry Plain NJ" or else how does Dawn Ciccone Kobane live at a 1.6 million dollar 516 86th street, apm 15820045 owner 230 85th street, listed at Dawn Bell Ciccone's properties are the following well all as bs and cs and when theyr enot doing totally alphabetical its just fucking gnraly wierd names like NANCY A MORON< and literarly allusions to insult the intelligence of attorney Generals offices and make fools of them by stating companies like "eminence front:" a song title the jok wich only i get, Dawn Ciccone Kobane can undo in a hurry after i pist this po box 6120f Albany NYC but does she/he ( barber mccourt diplacido zumwalt azoff knispel chapman rodriguez) think that there will be no record, i dont think the NY ag is an idiot, oh 482 COBAIN road in JACKSON NJ 08572 is APN 00096 00001 0000 2003 210k, you pay taxes on it and so do i and it does not exist, hope that makes you feel great and this southern comfort homes and this dovetail deveoplement int he south, so corrupt its stinky lets look at an aka using Kurts SSN "Nancy Fogarty" she lives in a po box 22 sycaway Troy NY 12180 74 po box cherry plain NY 12040 49 avenue ( same as DAWN CICCONE KOBANE and all the little CICCONE KOBANES thats created ha, pull madge into it somehow, well at least noone fucks with her, i think shes nuts, but i would bevr cackle at her misfortunes, but this is a mighty mighty misfortune to be mixed up with this and perhaps calling me back soon asap about Roch Feldstien might have saved you the asspain of all the Ciccone Kobanes now as Karma is one hell of a thing aint it?) 41 middle street waterford ny 12188 133 eaton street B Central SC 29630 3215 6th avenue Troy New York 12180 "none tory ny 12180" 2108 San ANsellmo ave 2 ( po box)_ Long Beacj Ca 90815 119 Oakwood Ave Troy NY 12180 21 1st street Troy Ny shes usig Kurts ssn yet shes also dob 05/31/44 3930 laurel canyon blvd ( 109? it doesnt matter the Barbers had this with my money and the companies there such as "Medical capital Resources" "Catalinia Apts" "40 shades of Green LLC" "Valley megamerhcandise" Retail Capital resources Universal Trailing Enterpirses, Rental Capitol Resoucres" P and F document prodution" ":F and C document production" ( also in sarasota FL) ) Studio city california 91604 that place is creepy, 2660 Mooore Littlewood Co 80227 4015 Jupiter Dr Chalmette La 9027 Oz Drive Chalmette LA 633 highway 20 Thiboudaux LA 70301 3413 shangrila drive ( po box wich btw its a federal law to state that) 15 Chalmette La 633 a20 thibodauax LA 70301 599 po box Saint bernard LA 70085 ( HEY THATS "CAMILLE PERNICIARIOS "PO BOX" SELLER OF A MARSTEVAN PROPERTY AND INVESTOR INTO A TON OF DOVETAIL PROPERTIES, AND JEKYLL ISLAND GAAKA MELISSA MELNICK AKA MELISSA DAUGISTINE AKA MELISSA SILVA AJK ERIE PAS EVE BRICKLIN AKA MEDIA PAS LESLEY DIPLACIDO AKA MEDIA PA CAROLYNE DIPLACIDO WHO IS NEE BARBER WHO IS TEN YEARS OLD, AKA MICHEAK J DIPLACIDO WITH HOS BOGUS MELLON AND OTHER MORTAGE BROKERAGES IN NEW JERSEY AND HES AKA JAMES BARBER SHE AKA LUCRTETIA DE CAMPOS KURTS WOODHAVEN NEIGHBOUR AND SHES ALSO THERESA KOBANEJOLLY , KRITSA LYNN MACQAURRIE OF MACQAURRIE AS REGISTEED BY DAVID SITT IN BROOKLYN PARKING, FINANCIAL, MORTGAGE BROKERAGE AND EXCROW AND "VIXON " TITLE, AKA COKEHEAD MELISSA BRICKLIN MCCOURT MELNICK, AND JAMES MALCOLM BARBER HIS WIFE LESLEY M DIBARBER AKA LEE MAYRONNE AKA KAREN MAYRONNE AKA LILA ALBINO AKA SAFI KHESGHI THE 792 MARSTEVAN "SELLER" ALONG WTH TEN OTHER PEOPLE WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO OWN 50 PROPERTIES DOVETAIL PROPERTIES IN "ATHENS: " MUST GIVE STIPE THE CREEPS THAT BARBERS STALKING HIM SO CLOSE AND ALL IC AN SAY STIPEY IS IM SO FUCKING SORRY, ITS DISGUSTING, I SAW THE ATHENS SHITHOLES KURTS MONYS BEEN WIRES TO BUILD AND I GUESS WHEN WE GARNISH THEN WELL TEAR THEM DOWN, ITS DISGUSTING, ) HERE lets look at one address verrry closely 119 oakwood troy new york 12180 its a very shitty little old house or rather new, listed in this teensy home are the following ( they dont juts do a b c this time they actuallyget to to D on one occasion!) degloria casale fogarty comeua baker degirgio dennis wow im ompressed a little effort let see another one, 299 hudson river road waterford New York 12188 andriano anjelles anititibizzi answer begone bagay begg begaye boop assaultino Cabain cubin Ciccone alwehaib adamcsyzxck betterinilliette darkling afterwhyso coo corpvitali wow!!!! thems some amazing names all livinginpeace and ahrmony together! if you really really want to cath a BAD guy melissa bricklin mccourt aka melissa smart cobain aka annette gjurica aka melody st clair of ny and aka =gina st clair of ct 152 oyster court fairfield and somehow gine vetro then v vetro ends up in salt lake owning a 32 million dollar investment in developement in ct, as i dont know who probably Nancy Gail Chapman who Good God First Madonnas surname is syuck on Kobanes and now TOM CRUISE puts his money with her? nancy Gail Chapman she must feel fucking impervious, i dont think Cruise is nearly as dumb as NGC thinks he is, besides hes a movie star she wont buy prioperty in Majorca spain or Nice france for herself or Utah with his money shes doing it with mine every day, i will write him privately as i consider him a freind, i just now heard this, this second, god poor TC< GET OUT< i will only say two letters big loud neon letters, PTS / S P. bad and bigtime, big bad and evil, so so evil, ANNETTE GJURICA aka Melissa SMart Cobain aka Melissa Bricklin Mcourt Karaban no address Faith lane Rennslaer NY 12144 MAIN STREET 9 Medford Mass' Nahant Road, Nahant MA 01980 Mckinley Parkway Blasdell NY 14219 Bowling Green Road Cortland NY 13045 Main Street Homer NY 13077 ducth valley road 2403 Atl Ga 30324 reserve court decatur ga 30033 summitt place birmingham albamba 35243 river downs drive Dayton Ohio ( gonna be top ten mortgage fraid state this year! congrats annette COBAIN annette JURICH annette Gjurich ) phony phones 404 870 9788 205 970 1806 404 298 1550 937 436 3073 now look close atthe next one 518 436 3073 404 292 0356 ive called em all. realtives are allphony' wanda cobain that would be that 4 x 6 patch of grass in resslaer ny' samuel gjurich aged 104 welchjr walter aged 101 cobaon o trevor gjurich martha a theyll change all this info but you got your 1.6 milliion dollar apn and look atthat annette Gjurica go if you plug her into Dun and Broadstreet IMMEDIATLY before shehas a chance to remove herself youll get to a "Cobain APpraisals" and shes also a CPA and a Notary in AL Ny MAss SC NC ARK and TX GA and NY and NJ, so shes no joke is she, i donthave her sleeve right next to me but i think ill just change my name to assaultivi? wtf? Im saving Calfornias sweet apns for my Congressmen Waxmen, but if he doesnt happent o call thats fine, my calls were retirned by every NE attorney generals office that has any common sense past some witch on a broom conservative Bill O Reilly agenda of me and i think even mr Bill O Reilly would be more than FUCKING FURIOUS that his taxes were going to pay for developments and apns some wich do not even EXIST using the stolen money of a dead man and his child due to her provicianl EBIDO trust funds malicious insane and obsessive negilance , ooh boy are they in trouble, oooh, wow, TC and Chapman, thats really BAD< dont do it !!! wel its a private matter inthts sitaution and ill write a note tomorrow at least i can sday i was respionsible , she started this whole mortgage fraud witha forged power of attorney to a bank, and many many forged instruments after that, so she can take the fact that the 6 times square llc 9 varinats thats david Sitt as registered agent for the MELnicks up in albany , 9 different varaints and i have them all on paper depsite him caahngingthem on sites to four we have a mailing address of 1200 pine island road plantation florida, and that takes us since its virtual to a po box in houston wich takes us back to a 96 million dollar nyc apn none of wich im going to give numbers for on my space i just wanted to call attention to the problem i am NOT telling Peta to fuckl off, i love and do support Peta, i did tell peta to fuck off in a sort of guility defiant way, ive just had this anicent ermine for free for ever its over 200 years old, and OBVIOSULY i feel guilty about it as i woulnt be so defiant otherwise, you may never ever ever see me in it, but i found it in a storage bin and i just hadnt noticed it before, note i dont wear fur trim or any sort of fur and amm pretty much vegan, i dont eat raw meat and i really really really get PISSSED when i post this horrific horror show im going through and THEY expect you asshole people to say "shes on drugs or drinks" NOW FOR THE RECORD I HAVENT TAKEN A NARCOTIC OR HAD ANY ALCHOHOL FOR NPW OVER FIVE YEARS. if you want to call me eccentric or a witch bitch whatever you can i have never had any aspicartions that everyone "love" me, i truly DONT CARE expect for the people i care for ( OMG i have to send the David Muscowitz property to someone its in atlanta and alos a smart ass jibe like Ciccone that only im supposed ot be tormented by cos they figure the feds will never get it) and i care for alot of peope and alot of people care for me, i have good real true friends then i have an insane situation that not in aLL OF AMERICAN HISTORY HAS THERE BEEN ONE FAMILY SO MALIGNED PILLAGED AND RAPD FINANCAILLY counting on the reputation ( the coin of the realm) of one person having plunged down and noone slitening to her im sure they are saD I survived it, and will continue to, i pnd most of my time being extremely creative and tryignto sew and learn to cit on the bias and Chrtsiopher Bailey OMG thanks so MUCH for the feather Burberry Prosum stuff im DYING i LOVE it yoru a GOD Ricardo Tosci thank you my darling darling man for the gothic lace out fit and toweirng fuck you fuck me heels, they are fiercely deadly ILLAMASQUA i am so flattered by your beautiful cosmetics it may make me rethink sing only Kevyn Aucoin, please thank ALexBox and Jeremy! Rcik Owens thank you baby you are a god, i am wearign your hammer time pants right now, Steven Klien where are you i call this 646 and get nada, lets goooo. Daphne Guiness your a queen and a duchess and a beautiful girl Panos Yiapanis i love youmore than life 'Mr Jacobs what the fuck happened to our date atthe Met? dont worry im sewing boas onto my hems as we speak in my primitive crazy blanket stitch on Sophia Hallette lace and on a metallic Solsticss Velvet thats insane, Dawn Boudoir Queen Goddess than you so much your a genius, i love as does Melissa Madam and all the girls love your ideas and sharp eye and clever indie way, one certainly doesnt have to be a major couture house to impress me, CHLOE omg thank you so much for getting back on track the blue dress in customs now the one from the runway, i think im going to faint, alan mcgee dont worry this was "forensic day" i seperate them so they dont bleed into "rocjk day: we are hearing a weird buzz, and TopsyTurvey , Geminola and Seaplane and Nicholas Kniels ribbons of Atlanta your all brilliant as is Boring Sidneys Lanvin pieces and Lanvin ,,,,,,,,im speechless, wordless, so those are my fashion thank yous, no matter what MJ i love you., regarding the above shit its all real and its all really scary and i am becoming an adept forensic, i just am not MeANT to be an adept forensic, im MEANT to design write perfrom and produce, so i wish theyd leave me the fuck alone, if wendy cobains house gets refinances by steves ( 350,000 a week 5000 a day from an account i wasnt aware of "garnishing" from Frances) rodriguez and his phony names fishback anbd james k barber and troutman who now has eom in golden leaf ky and lousiville ky, i dont know what illd o if her hous gets refinanced for the16th time ive never refinancd a home in mylife steves i think YOU may go to jail first, meanwhile i will rock and rock and rock and im nto aFTER VENGEANCE just renumeration, you all put e through this hell a nd continue to, but after all , fuck off lets rock. xxxxx

Did your brain jump out of your head and catch the next Greyhound bus out of town? If it didn’t, then you either write spam for a living or you’re a genius like Courtney Love.

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