England’s Finest Rose Celebrates Her Birthday With Class

December 24, 2008 / Posted by:

You might have gone temporarily blind from the jolt of pure elegance that hit you when you first laid eyes on these pictures of the always stunning Jodie Marsh celebrating her 30th birthday on the streets of London last night. Shake it off and take in the natural beauty. Don’t take it in too much or you might be spending your Christmas Eve in line at the free clinic.

As with everything Jodie does, her party was a sophisticated and elegant soiree. The theme was Rock ‘N Roll and I think Jodie came as a new kind of jungle STD that only grows in Dreamboat Doherty’s dick bush. I’m lying and making hurtful jokes!!! Jodie dressed as a fine lady. A lady so fine that her nipples are made of diamonds and gold.

When Jodie “turns straight” again, Prince William should really consider making England’s finest rose his wife. Jodie obviously needs to be the Queen of England. Only a graceful and exquisite beauty like Jodie can properly wear the crown of England.

Here’s more pictures of the Shauna Sand of England with her girlfriend Nina (dressed as Slash) last night.



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