Dogs In Christmas Costumes

December 15, 2008 / Posted by:

This shit right here really needs no explanation. It’s Monday morning, so your face probably looks exactly like the face on some of these dog friends. This is what “I HATE LIFE” face looks like. My dog pretty much makes the same face whenever I put some sort of costume on his ass for my own entertainment. And then I quickly take it off, because I get scared that he’s going to bite off my face while I sleep as punishment for humiliating him. But if the costume is satiny, he doesn’t mind it so much. Actually, he kind of likes it. The silkiness against his nalgas must make him feel like a real hot bitch.

Notice the pooch in the 5th thumbnail below. He’s wearing satiny shit and it’s making him smile! Anyway, here’s a bunch of dogs in Christmas outfits at Animal Fair Magazine’s Toys for Dogs party in NYC the other night.

I also threw in a few pictures of two mangy alley dogs sitting with Santa in L.A. on Saturday. I did this as a warning to any of you who may come in close contact with them. Don’t touch them! These two flea bags obviously have rabies. Where is the dog catcher when you need him?


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