Mortensen Carey Would Have Been A Better Name

December 11, 2008 / Posted by:

The middle Hanson brother, Taylor, has another son. This his fourth kid. He’s 25. That’s insane.

Taylor’s wife, Natalie, popped out their newest baby friend yesterday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They told People that they named him Viggo Moriah. I immediately had flashes of Viggo Mortensen and Mariah Carey holding hands and running through the baby fields. But then I remembered that Viggo was in Lord of the Rings and Moria is from that shit, so Taylor is probably just a Rings nerd. It also could be a religious name. Who knows? It’s too early for me to wrap my brain cell around this before my first cup of coffee (no Sanka today).

Viggo joins brothers Ezra and River, and sister Penelope. The Hanson brothers now have 7 kids between them.

Those Hanson dudes have some iron sperm. Don’t look at Taylor’s picture above for too long or you might find yourself knocked up with a baby named Gandalf Gollum.

Congratulations, Taylor! You are one baby closer to beating the Duggars! Keep on! Keep on!



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