Gayken Has A Man!

December 9, 2008 / Posted by:

Clay Gayken has landed a hot piece! A hot piece who I’m assuming is partially blind (yes, I’m going there again). But who cares about that!? He looks like he has a working peen and that’s all that matters.

Star Magazine says that the new gayelle mommy has been bumping glazed donut holes with Broadway dancer Reed Kelly. Reed dances in Wicked and the two met while Gayken was doing Spermalot earlier this year. Reed was one of the reasons why Gayken decided to cum back to Broadway.

Some source said, “Everybody knows Reed as Clay’s guy!” And everybody knows Gayken is Reed’s big woman!

Speaking of, do you think we should tell Reed that Gayken is not a lezzie with an obese vagina? He might not know yet and it might be his thing. Naw! Let’s not ruin the love!

And how do you think the Claymates are taking this news? They are either constructing a Reed Kelly tribute quilt using their mom jeans and puffy paint t-shirts or they are cursing his name. I haven’t decided which one…

Click here to visit Reed’s MySpace. He’s kind of hot.



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