The Real Sasha Fierce On The Bonnie Hunt Show

November 18, 2008 / Posted by:

The hot piece that became a YouTube star by showing up Beyonce was on “The Bonnie Hunt Show” this morning. Beyonce probably offered to come on her show, but Bonnie said, “Hell naw! I want the real Sasha Fierce!” And that’s what she got. Unfortunately, Shane Mercado didn’t wear that sexy one piece number. It’s daytime TV, I guess he had to keep it PG. He should have at least ripped off to reveal some cyborg nipple tassels or something. Beyonce has the cyborg glove, Sasha Fierce should have cyborg nipple tassels.

I can’t embed the video, so click here to see Sasha Fierce in all her glory. You might want to put on some sunglasses when you watch this shit. It’s full of glitter and I wouldn’t want you to get any in your fragile eyes.

Thanks Robyn


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