Like “The Hills” But With An Extra Shot Of Boring

October 21, 2008 / Posted by:

While watching “The Hills” last night, I could feel my two working brain cells slowly melting inside my skull. That show is like watching a raggedy pigeon eating a rotten hamburger patty on the street. It’s gross, painful and a little boring, but I still can’t look away. I can only imagine what 20-something minutes of Whitney Port is going to be like.

Above is the trailer for Whitney’s new bore fiesta “The City.” This shit should have been called “Hey, How Was your Weekend?” or “The Art of Pushing a Rack of Clothes.” The show follows Whitney as she sleep walks through NYC with her mouth open. That said, I’ll probably put my twin brain cells through more torture by watching this boiled cucumber show.

And just for the record, there’s only one real “The City” and that shit starred Morgan Fairchild. Clip below:


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