Hair Twins

October 14, 2008 / Posted by:

HoHan showed up to Vadge’s movie premiere last night with an almost identical crimped mop on her head. Daryl Hannah in Splash still did it better than the both of them combined.

I thought Vadge looked raggedy, but HoHan trumped her in that department. HoHan is the “Look for Less” version of Vadge. HoHan’s weave could be used to remove paint from a fucking wall. She should have used it to scrub off the layers of fake tan grease stuck to her skin. Or at least rubbed a little tan doody on her white feet.

Couldn’t SamRo have let HoHan know that her feet look like ivory but her legs look like terra caca? SamRo is down there anyways.

HoHan should take this shit as a sign. It’s time to put away the leggings.



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