A Quote From The Basement

October 10, 2008 / Posted by:

And now it’s that time of the day to check in with the my favorite basement baby!

Our very own Hot Slut of the Week recipient Solange Knowles poked her head out of the basement door and told Glamour Magazine just what she thinks about my comments on this here gutter blog:

Sometimes the stories I hear about myself are not worth a fight. I’ve heard about this blog that always jokes about Beyonce keeping me locked in the basement. That’s so ridiculous it doesn’t bother me. This blog also writes about other things, like they pick different celebrities to be the Hot Slut of the Day. Now, this is the kind of stuff that comes with the territory of fame – and I’ll take the Hot Slut award. Just don’t call me the anti-Beyonce.”

It’s okay, Solange. Your secret about the basement is safe with me. And I would never fight with you. I will always love you even though you smell like moth balls.



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