Saints In New York City

October 2, 2008 / Posted by:

This morning when I was outside waiting for my bitchy ass dog to squeeze out a butt nugget, I noticed that the air felt different. It felt like a million angels were sneezing around me. The flowers were also in full bloom and seemed to be humming “Hallelujah.” When I looked up in the sky, I saw thousands of little flecks of diamonds in the sun’s rays. While I was walking back to my apartment, one woman suddenly got on her knees and started praying on the sidewalk after glancing at her Blackberry. I figured I was just having an acid flashback, but now I know what’s really going on. Saint Angelina and her holy family are in NYC!

The blessed ones are in town for the NYC premiere of Saint Angie Jo’s movie “Changeling.” It will be her first appearance since presenting the world with the Twin Messiahs.

Hopefully while they are here, Saint Angie Jo and the twin chosen ones will go down to Wall Street. All Saint Angie has to do is blow a kiss towards the New York Stock Exchange and all our financial troubles will be fixed!!!

Here’s some blurry pictures of the deities arriving in New York last night. Maddox better tell Brad to lose the Carmen Sandiego hat.



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