And You Thought Your Job Sucked

September 30, 2008 / Posted by:

A train station in India has a problem with a bunch of bitchy ass monkeys bothering their passengers, so they hired a man to dress as a monkey to scare them off. By the looks of the dude’s uniform it looks like the only thing he’s scaring off are the passengers. Couldn’t they have given him a friendlier looking monkey costume?! He looks like some evil demon monkey! I bet his wife has a fucking heart attack every time he comes home.

He may look like a scary ass monkey to us, but he looks like a fool to the monkeys. You know those bitchy monkeys don’t give a human’s ass! They sit there, eating their bananas, scratching their red asses and laughing at the poor motherfucker crawling around like his back just went out. Those monkeys are thinking to themselves, “Ain’t that a bitch!

Click here if you can’t watch the video above.

Thanks Vanessa


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