Irv Richards Is Coming Back!

September 18, 2008 / Posted by:

The most patient pepaw on reality TV is coming back. Yes, that means his slutty robot daughter, Denise Richards, is also joining him. Denise told UsWeekly that her reality shit show “I’m Constipated” has been renewed for a second season. Yay! Another season of baby whorin’ and pig pimpin’!

Denise said: “It’s coming back for another season. We start filming in a few months.”

She also confirmed that Irv is the real star of the show. “He was driving home on the freeway and a group of girls had him roll down his window and they yelled, ‘I love your show!

That’s right. HIS show. Irv is just nice enough to let Denise have a supporting role in it.

Of course, Denise also used the time with UsWeekly, to comment on not commenting about Charlie, his knocked up wife. She said: “I am not commenting on that situation. I hope one day get to a place but I’m not commenting right now.

In case you missed that, she’s not commenting. She’s not. You know that little c-word was dancing around her tongue, just waiting to pop out. She soooo wanted to blurt, “They’re both CUNTS and they’re baby is going to be a prostitute tranny!” Hey, she’s the one who said it….under her breath. Not me. And it’s always bothered me that Denise says “prostitute tranny” instead of “tranny prostitute.”


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