Mischa Barton Ruins Everything

September 17, 2008 / Posted by:

Nicole Richie apparently packed up her happy little shit, grabbed Sad Clown Baby and moved out of the house she shared with Joel Madden after a some stupid fight. Nicole didn’t exactly move out, because she came back the next day. A source told Star Magazine: “This was her way of sending Joel a message.”

HA! We’ve all done that shit. One time, I had a huge fight with my live-in-boyfriend at the time and I threatened to move out. I knew I had nowhere to go, so I just went around the place packing up all my shit. While stuffing boxes with my crap, I would shout at him, “Fuck this shit! I’m over this. I’m leaving for good this time. You hear me? I said I’m leaving.” He didn’t stop me, so I kept at it. I even went to the kitchen and started packing up dishes. “These fucking dishes are mine! There’s no way I’m going to let your whores eat off the dishes I paid for. I’m through with this shit. I’m LEAVING. L-E-A-V-I-N-G. I’m not coming back! Did you get that?!” At that point I started to panic, because I really didn’t want to have to spend the night in the shelter. I finally said, “You know what! Fuck this. You leave!” He was probably embarrassed for me, because he apologized and asked me to stay. I responded, “I’ll fucking think about it! Let me sleep on it and I’ll tell you in the morning!” Ain’t love grand?

Back to Nicole! The fighting didn’t end after Nicole’s walkout. A few days later the two traveled to NYC for fashion week and fought the whole time. After fighting at some party, Joel ditched Nicole and went back to L.A. At a VMA party, Joel started flirting with Mischa Barton. Wonky McValtrex, who was also the party, took pictures of Joel and Mischa dancing and texted them to Nicole. Nicole immediately accused Joel of cheating on her with the cellulite wonder and now they are sleeping in separate rooms.

Hmmm….I feel for Nicole and I would shed a tear for her, but I’m too busy not giving a fuck. That’s what she gets for shacking up with a member of Good Charlotte.


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