The Empress Of Lucite Can Do Anything

August 29, 2008 / Posted by:

We already know that the Empress of Lucite can float on sand, bring flowers back to life and cause angels to faint, but did you know that she’s also a phenomenal actress? A true thespian. Above is a clip from her STARRING role on “Renegade” in the late 90s. The clip starts out as a brokedown porn movie, but it all changes when the luscious and elegant Shauna Sand comes on the screen. It’s like Bette Davis has come back to life in the form of the most gorgeous woman in the world. The starts out as something out of a dime store Skinemax flick. It quickly changes to a scene from “Now, Voyager.” The emotion! The layers!

It’s obvious why Shauna isn’t one of the most celebrated actress of our times. Actors and actress who are made of hate don’t want to share the stage or screen with someone that will make them look like acting school drop-outs. It’s really a curse being Shauna Sand.

Here’s the always ravishing Shauna wearing her exquisite lucite heels while feeding the children in some third-world country last night.



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