No She Didn’t!

August 29, 2008 / Posted by:

The angel pussy from China is not going to be happy that Posh Beckham jacked its signature look! Posh is going to an angry e-mail that says: “meow, meow, CUNT, meow, meow.” Yes, pussies only know how to type the words “meow” and “cunt.” Angel Pussy is going to fly over to England and scratch her eyes out.

Posh wore this angel pussy outfit while whoring out her fashion line in Manchester. Later that night, Posh left a restaurant with a bunch caca in her ear. Hopefully, she saved that ear junk for later. It would make a nutritious snack and bitch needs all the protein she can get. Although, it’s probably just fake tan diarrhea. Bitch, fix yourself!


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