Kimberly Shaw Is A Rebel

August 25, 2008 / Posted by:

Ginge living on the edge alert! Marcia Cross was out in Malibu yesterday when she had to go pee pee times. The chick’s bathroom was taken, so she strolled on into the men’s room. Arrest her! Yeah, this is something you all do. I even use the chick’s room from time to time whenever there’s a line for the dude’s room. It happens. I’m practically female so nobody gives a fuck. I even piss sitting down when I’m really tanked.

This shit reminds me of one of my gorgeous chola cousins. This bitch mostly uses the men’s bathroom at clubs or bars. What’s her reason? This delusional ho said whenever she uses the women’s room, other chicks stare at her with lezzie eyes or hate on her because she’s so gorgeous. No joke! She said dudes never bother her. This never made sense to me because if she’s so fucking sexy hot, wouldn’t dudes be all over her in the bathroom? Her answer is that most dudes just want to get their piss on and can’t be bothered. Some bitches have real issues.



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