Nay Nay Arrested!

August 21, 2008 / Posted by:

Tila Tequila’s current partner in pussy, Courtenay “Nay Nay” Semel, was arrested in Las Vegas on Tuesday night for slapping some dude outside of Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace. TMZ reports that Nay Nay slapped a security guard in the back of the head while making her way out of the club.

Caesars Palace’s security detained her ass and called the police. When the fuzz arrived they cited Nay Nay for being a fugly ass attention whore who needs to go back into the forest to collect more nuts for winter. Seriously, for being a gayelle, the ho looks like her face is filled with juicy nuts. Anylezzie, they cited her for battery and released her back into the wild.

I seriously deserve a pussy pie to the face for posting about this hag! She obviously hit that dude just so she can get a little attention and I’m falling right into her lezzie trap! Smells like boiled oysters and burnt chestnuts .


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