August 18, 2008 / Posted by:

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi became wifey and wifey on Saturday at their home in Los Angeles, and here’s a few stalker-like pictures from the blessed event. I can see you two little ‘gina bumpers, but you can’t see me. Ehehehe!

Okay, what in lezzie flannel hell is Ellen wearing? I swear she stole my first communion outfit out of my mother’s guest room closet. That’s practically the same shit I wore except I had fancy silver shoes with bells on them. No joke. What’s gayer than gay? Fancy silver shoes with bell on them.

Portia looks loverly as usual. And so happy! I would be fucking happy too if I just married a dykey pot o’ gold! Portia better not have signed a prenup! Prenups are my worst nightmare. They ruin everything!

Below are a few more pictures including one of Ellen holding a dog who isn’t Iggy. It’s like that, Ellen? I see how it is. Poor Iggy. And for a gayelle wedding, they sure had a lot of floating balls around the joint.


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