More Brenda Walsh, Less Of Everyone Else

August 15, 2008 / Posted by:

If you blink, you might miss her! The legendary duchess of prime time television, Brenda Walsh, has finally made an appearance in the promos for “90210.” She’s in it for like two seconds. That disgusts me. She should be in every second of this promo.

Shit, they should just change the series name to “Brenda Walsh: Don’t Get It Twisted” and get it over with. I don’t care if the show is 60-minutes of Brenda eating an apple, it would be a hell of a lot more interesting than watching any of these skanks. The lead ho reminds me of Ali Lohan and that is a bad, bad thing. I keep waiting for White Oprah to pounce in and scream, “Aliiiiiiii.”

So, note to the producers. The only way you can dress up this oatmeal-looking mess is by adding a lot more cinnamon sugar aka Brenda Walsh.


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